Game Server Rating "RF Online"


  • Server type:Normal
  • Online:1000
  • Server number:1
  • Redirects:912
- Client version:
- Server protection: HGK Project.
- Maximum level: 60.
- Premium account gives the user autoloot, additional things to use autoloot ( medal ).
- During ChipWar there is no drop from Pit Bosses.
- The second and subsequent windows are available only with a premium account, a total of 5 windows are available for 1 PC.
- Cross-classes are available, you can read the changes of this category by clicking on the link.
- Voting system module is installed: the voting leaderboard is closed, players get only the result.
- Auction for selling items for shop currency, including other races.
- Added numerical display of ability and item rollback.
- Installed a module to check radiuses for skils.
- Experience x2, all items available in the game, stimulating pumping effect on the project raits.
- Animus experience x4, Animus cannot exceed the owner's level.
- PT/Skills: x5.
- Magic: x5.
- Monster Drop: x2, changed the system of loot extraction from monsters.
- Loot pickup speed: x2
Game worlds

x2 ~1000 ppl. online Normal
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