Game Server Rating "RF Online"

Модуль Точности
Модуль Защиты
Модуль автолут
Модуль PvP PvE таргет
Модуль модификатор
Модуль межрасового аукциона кк и cash
Модуль инвентаря
Модуль мин
Модуль почты
Maximum level:
Stage 1 - 55
Stage 2 - 65
Loot: x30
Skills: GM
Magic: GM
Server based on
Accuracy Module
Protection Module
Animated autoloot module
PvP PvE target module
Smart modifier module
Interracial auction module QC and cash
Infinite inventory module
Mine control module
Mail module
New settings
Death Module
Module CV CH GI
PC module
Online module
Buffer GS
Server Features:
The main feature of the x30 server is that you create a character the way you want!
RMT allowed
Many achievements (First Blood and others)
Working physical and elemental defense, as well as accuracy and dodge
No crosses! There are 3 professions 30 40 and 50
GA skills are issued when taking the 3rd profession by 50
Elite available to specialists
UIA quality is included
Mob crit enabled
PvP weapons are upgraded with “Stars” for PvP points, 1 Star = 1 level
You independently choose which property and magic you want to insert into your equipment. Can only be inserted into empty “Star” slots
Different visual changes depending on the selected “Star”
Sharpening in the new modifier is easier and available up to +7 (135%) Only
Quicksand is now effective
40 Siege kit for 2 skills
Ceramics for weapons against UIA and natural targets
New mines: Nuclear, Weakening, Movement Slowing, AC Slowing
Location levels have been changed: Laboratory and MS 48+, ZI, ZE and Laboratory 2 57+, all seals 55+
CV modules. The duration of the CV is 2 hours. During the World War II, quality and loot are disabled for all characters (in the first stage 53+, in the second 60+)
CH module. For destroying the Chip, a 20%/20% Protective Stone is awarded
PC module. During the World War II, you “cannot” use the PC in the Kragov Mines, you will simply be teleported to the General Staff until the end of the PC
PvP points are distributed across the group (30%)
Farm monsters are marked with a special icon
Game worlds


x30 ~450 ppl. online PvE
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